Company Ecosis Ltd has a modern production and warehouse base, located on the main Pazardzhik road – Plovdiv, on 4 km. from the city of Pazardzhik in the direction of Plovdiv. The access to the object is extremely convenient for both cars, as well as for heavy goods vehicles.

The production base of Ecosis Ltd is located on an area of 17 acres and has: raw wood warehouse, processing workshop with modern company equipment Ustunkarli, two volume dryers 144 m3 and 100 m3 , warehouse for finished products, an office building – project of a wooden prefabricated house, large parking lot for customers. The production capacity is up to 50m3 daily processed raw material.

The raw material, which we process is of extremely high quality, mostly I class wood, which is a prerequisite for the high-quality end product, which company Ecosis Ltd provides to its customers – building companies, a clustered group of warehouses, furniture manufacturers and many others.

What we offer?

Ecosis Ltd offers a range of additional services, related to wood processing: Drying, Impregnation, Planing, We are working. Each of these services can be offered alone or in combination, according to your specific needs and requirements. Make your inquiry and we will prepare you a specific offer.


We have our own drying chamber with a capacity of up to 50 m3 of material. The service is offered as per material, produced by us, as well as for the customer's material.



Ecosys Ltd. offers impregnation in a bath of wooden material against rotting, mold and eat wood.



The company offers its customers the service of planing dry timber. The service is provided on the most modern machines.


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